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  Multi-band Antenna

Sinclair’s new SM202, SM300, and SM600 series multifunctional transport antennas are specifically designed to address the need for compact, low profile, broadband antennas that are truly universal. When used with a crossband coupler or multi-band combiner, a single antenna can serve multiple discrete RF systems.

Designed to withstand harsh environments and constant vibrations without compromising performance, the rugged SM202, SM300, and SM600 series antennas are ideal for vehicular rooftop mounting. The SM202 series covers the 138-230 with a typical bandwidth of 2 MHz, and the entire 350-2500 MHz range. The SM300 covers frequency bands between 350-2500 MHz while the SM600 covers 746-2500

The SM202 consists of a low profile multiple-band radiating element incorporated in a small, discrete housing that is only 4 inches/ 10.2 cm. The SM300 consists of a low profile multiple-band radiating element incorporated in a small discreet housing (3.3 inches/8.4 cm). The SM600 offers easy installation with just one ¾” (19 mm) hole mount.

All three series of antennas are simple to install and offer greater protection against water ingression. GPS capable models are also available.

Series Model Description
SM202     High performance, low profile, 2 MHz B.W. for VHF, 138-230/350-2700 MHz  
SM2600D(GPS)     Low profile, 219-258 MHz, 694-2700MHz diversity antenna, GPS and WiFi  
SM300     High performance, low profile, universal transport, 350-2700 MHz  
SM300(GPS)     Low profile, 0 dBd, universal transportation, GPS, 350-2700 MHz  
SM500     Mobile omni, 0 dBd, 746-960 MHz  
SM601     2 in 1 rugged vehicle antenna, supports GNSS and LTE 694-2700MHz  
SM701     Low profile, universal transport antenna, wide band 694-6000MHz  

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