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Duplexer, bandpass, low loss, high selectivity, 890-940 MHz

• Low loss, 4 cavity Res-Lok™ aperture-coupled filters on the transmit and receive side
• 0.5 dB insertion loss (typ) with 50 dB of noise and carrier suppression
• Ideal for trunking or cellular systems to use one antenna for Tx and Rx
• 45 MHz Tx-Rx separation

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Electrical Specifications
Frequency Range MHz  890 to 940 
Number of Cavities - Tx Side  
Number of Cavities - Rx Side  
Connectors   N-Female 
Input VSWR (max)   1.5:1 
Insertion loss (typ) Tx to Ant dB  0.5 
Insertion loss (max) Tx to Ant dB 
Insertion loss (max) Rx to Ant dB 
Insertion loss (typ) Rx to Ant dB  0.5 
Impedance Ω  50 
Isolation - Tx noise suppression at Rx (min) dB  50 
Isolation - Rx carrier suppression at Tx (min) dB  50 
Average Input Power (max) 400 

Mechanical Specifications
Width in  19 
Depth in  8.5 
Length/ Height in  8.75 
Finish   chromate conversion 
Weight lbs  25 
Mounting configurations   19 inch rack 
Actual shipping weight lbs  35 
Shipping dimensions in  22x10x13 

Environmental Specifications
Temperature range °F  -22 to +140 

  Model List
  View PDF: 8 1/2 x 11   View PDF: A4

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