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VHF Receiver multicoupler with Advanced Features, 32-port, BNC, 132-174 MHz

• Preselector must be ordered separately (1, 2, and 2.5 MHz bandwidth available)
• Variable attenuator from zero to 15 dB attenuation
• Built in fault monitor with fault LED, amplifier current monitor display and DC back-up option
• Operational over full specified band. Bandwidth dictated by preselector choice

  Model List
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Electrical Specifications
Frequency Range MHz  132 to 174 
Number of channels   32 
System Gain dB  17 
Input Connectors   N-Female 
Output Connectors   BNC-Female 
Input VSWR (max)   1.5:1 
Output VSWR   1.5:1 
Impedance Ω  50 
1 dB Compression point dBm  28 
Isolation Rx to Rx dB  20 
Noise figure (amplifier (typ)) dB 
Third order intercept - amplifier dBm  46 
Supply voltage   115 VAC 

Mechanical Specifications
Width in  19 
Depth in  14.12 
Length/ Height in  1.75 
Weight lbs  14.5 

Environmental Specifications
Temperature range °F  +32 to +140 

  Model List
  View PDF: 8 1/2 x 11   View PDF: A4

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