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Dual array, exposed dipole, 6 dBd/8.5 dBd, field adj, 138-174 MHz

• Perfectly suited for multicoupled systems due to its broad band operation
• Higher gain achieved with double array
• Site specific hardware needed for this antenna

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Electrical Specifications
Frequency Range MHz  138 to 174 
Connector   N-Male 
Gain (nominal) dBd  8.5 
Input VSWR (max)   1.5:1 
Polarization   vertical 
Impedance Ω  50 
Pattern   Omni or Bi-directional, Adjustable 
Vertical beamwidth (typ) degrees  16 
Average Input Power (max) 300 
Lightning protection   DC ground 
Electrical tilt (available)   0,2,4,6, or 8 degree 

Mechanical Specifications
Width in  30 
Depth in  30 
Length/ Height in  240 
Base pipe diameter in  3.5 
Base pipe mounting length in  60 
Radiating element material   aluminum 
Base pipe material   aluminum 
Weight lbs  74 
Mounting Hardware (Optional)   Clamp147, Clamp005, or Clamp015 
Mounting configurations   top mount 
Actual shipping weight lbs  165 
Shipping dimensions in  247x6x44 

Environmental Specifications
Temperature range °F  -40 to +140 
Wind Loading Area (Flat Plate Equivalent) ft²  5.6 
Wind Loading Area (1/2" ice) ft²  9.59 
Rated wind velocity (no ice) mph  100 
Rated wind velocity (1/2" radial ice) mph  85 
Lateral Thrust (100 mph No Ice) lbs  303 
Bending moment (100 mph No Ice) ft-lbs  2307 

  Model List
  View PDF: 8 1/2 x 11   View PDF: A4

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